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Jefferson Capital Systems

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Jefferson Capital Systems

Jefferson Capital Systems Complaint Georgia

Who is Jefferson Capital?

Jefferson Capital Systems (JCAP) is a debt buyer that buys debts for pennies on the dollar and files lawsuits against consumers across the U.S. for the total face amount of the debt. Per its website, it claims to be the 4th biggest debt buyer in the U.S. (presumably behind debt-buying giants Midland Credit Management, Portfolio Recovery Associates and LVNV Funding. JCAP was established in 2002. CL Holdings, LLC is the parent company of JCAP after acquiring it in 2012 from the previous owner Atlanta-based CompuCredit. Another JCAP-associated entity is JCAP Funding LLC.

Jefferson Capital Lawsuits in Georgia

In 2022, JCAP filed over 2,000 lawsuits against Georgia consumers. JCAP files the majority of its cases in Georgia through its own in-house legal department. However, it also uses external debt collection law firms to file lawsuits including Hayt Hayt & Landau and Roosen, Varchetti & Olivier, GA PLLC.

Jefferson Capital buys debts from banks, lenders, and other debt buyers.

Jefferson Capital files lawsuits against consumers in Georgia claiming to have purchased debts from the following banks, lenders, and other institutions:

  • American Credit Acceptance
  • AutoNation
  • Barclays Bank Delaware
  • Capital Bank
  • Capital One Bank
  • CarMax Auto
  • Cars and Credit Assistance
  • CIT Bank
  • Comenity Bank
  • Consumer Portfolio Services
  • Credit One Bank
  • Cross River Bank
  • DT Acceptance Corp
  • Enerbank USA
  • Exeter Finance
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • First Bank & Trust
  • GFC Lending
  • HSBC Bank Nevada
  • Metabank
  • Midcountry Bank FSB
  • OneMain Financial Group LLC
  • OneMain Financial Services
  • Pioneer Funding Inc.
  • PNC Bank
  • Regional Finance of GA LLC
  • Santander Consumer USA
  • Synchrony Bank
  • US Auto Finance
  • WebBank
  • and numerous car leaderships.

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