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Debt collector Lawsuits for personal loans


Are you being sued by a debt collector or debt buyer for a personal loan once associated with Prosper Funding, LendingClub, WebBank, NetCredit, Upgrade Inc, or Avant?

Many debt buyers purchase charged-off loans from Prosper Funding, LendingClub, WebBank, NetCredit and their related entities for pennies on the dollar and then file a lawsuit against you for the entire balance.

Debt buyers who have sued on these types of cases in Georgia include Velocity Investments, Absolute Resolution Investments, LVNV Funding, LLC, Galaxy International Purchasing, CreditCorp Solutions, Jefferson Capital, UHG, Spring Oaks Capital and others!

You may have defenses to the debt collector’s lawsuit! Remember, debt buyers still must prove that they are the current owner of the personal loan and that they have the right to collect the debt from you. If you are being sued by a debt buyer for a personal loan, call me today for a free consultation.

Jill Sandt

I am an attorney in Georgia focused on helping people fight debt-collection lawsuits.