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Why hire debt collection defense lawyer

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You don't know what you don't know.

Oftentimes, people hesitate to contact or hire a debt collection defense lawyer because they think they may not be able to afford one or that they can simply handle the matter on their own. Yes, you can absolutely represent yourself in a debt collection lawsuit and be successful. I did and I won. However, now that I am a trained lawyer, I look back over my case and see all of the land mines that somehow I didn’t step on. The truth is, when you don’t have legal experience, you don’t know what you don’t know. Oftentimes, a debt collection lawsuit case comes down to the evidence. One of the most difficult subjects in law school is Evidence. The rules of evidence, even for practicing lawyers, can be overwhelming. There are numerous rules with exceptions and exceptions to those exemptions. Does the debt collector have the evidence to prove their case? Is that evidence admissible? Is that evidence authenticated? If I had been faced with evidentiary issues in my case, I am not sure that I would have come out successful. These issues of evidence are best left to a debt collection defense lawyer who knows the debt collection defense area of law.

If nothing else, hiring a debt collection defense lawyer to defend you against the lawsuit levels the playing field. Without a lawyer, defending a debt collection lawsuit on your own is like playing a game in which you don’t know the rules. You might win by accident. You might sit around for hours and watch others play the game until you figure out the rules and/or strategies from other players, who may or may not be playing the game correctly in the first place. Or, you might hire a lawyer, go back to living your life, hopefully, get back to sleep at night, and let a trained lawyer handle the case on your behalf.

Even if you aren’t ready to hire a debt collection defense lawyer yet, give me a call. We can discuss your situation and potential options that best suit your needs.

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