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I Defend against debt collection lawsuits.

You don’t have to go through this alone.  You have affordable options other than bankruptcy.

Whether it’s a lawsuit for credit card debt, a personal loan, or automobile repossession, call me today to discuss your options.

Before you make any agreements with a debt collector, call, text, or email me to set up a FREE case evaluation.  


I take action against debt collectors who violate the law.

I file actions on behalf of consumers for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Georgia Fair Business Practices Act.

I discuss the dangers of signing consent judgments with debt collectors on WSB TV Channel 2 news.


What is a consent judgment?


A consent judgment is a written agreement filed with the court between you and the debt collector which gives the debt collector a judgment against you.  Generally, the only difference between a consent judgment and a judgment obtained by winning their case in court or by default (when you don’t answer the lawsuit) is that the debt collector won’t garnish your bank account or wages to forcefully collect the judgment as long as you abide strictly by the payment terms in the agreement.  There are a number of pitfalls a defendant may encounter when agreeing to sign a consent judgment.  

Before you make any agreements with a debt collector, call me for a free case evaluation.  

My path to becoming a lawyer started the day I was sued by a debt collector.

I truly understand what you are going through.

When I was sued, I had no legal experience and no resources to hire an attorney.  I was scared and confused by everything I was reading online.  However, as I studied more about the law to defend my case, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed what I was learning.  I defended myself without an attorney and was successful in beating the debt collector and obtaining judgment in my favor. 

As a trained attorney, I now know there are many pitfalls in the legal process that could have caused me to lose my case.  Level the playing field by hiring an attorney.